School Policies


Welcome to Greenbrier Middle School. The faculty and staff of GMS are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and to making this year your best ever. This document was prepared as a ready source of information about policies and procedures at our school. We hope this will help you to understand better the GMS organization and how you can best enjoy all the benefits our school has to offer.

Mission of Greenbrier Middle School

The mission of Greenbrier Middle School is to prepare students through a diverse learning environment, empowering our students intellectually, socially, and emotionally so they may contribute to society with their own creative individuality.

Greenbrier Middle School envisions our school as a society of learners who are creative, critical thinkers in today’s world.

School Motto
Gaining in Knowledge,
Maturing in Wisdom,
Striving for Success!

School Goals

  • We will hold high expectations for all students learning.
  • We will actively engage all students by using effective instructional strategies.
  • We will adapt the curriculum to best meet individual learning styles in order to promote student achievement and growth.
  • We will collaborate with a focus on learning for ALL.
  • We will seek out and share best practices, collect and analyze data, and use varied assessment tools to guide instructional decisions.
  • We will monitor each student’s learning in a timely manner to provide additional time and support and enrichment.
  • We will provide a safe, healthy, and inviting learning environment.
  • We will encourage and promote parental and community partnership with the school.
  • We will provide character instruction to prepare students to be responsible, independent, and caring citizens.
  • We will encourage responsibility and ensure that everyone is treated with respect.

School Beliefs

  • All teachers have the responsibility to expose students to multiple educational techniques.
  • All students deserve a positive, safe, enriched learning environment.
  • All students have the responsibility to learn, achieve, and succeed.
  • Students should have the opportunity to develop physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills.
  • New technology is introduced to all students, thereby supporting the students’ ability to think, access, and synthesize information.
  • All students should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their obtained knowledge through diverse assessment strategies.
  • All students should be held accountable for their own actions and decisions.
  • Decisions within our school community should be based upon the enrichment and needs of every student.
  • Policies should be based on the social, emotional, and academic growth that they can bring about for children.
  • A good school instills the belief that it should be building strong character by demonstrating respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, and citizenship.

The Robertson County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion or marital status, in training, activities or employment practices in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans with Disabilities Acts of 1997 and 2004.

Arrival / Departure

  1. Students are not permitted inside the building before 7:25 a.m.
  2. Parents should not ask for their children to leave school early unless it is an emergency.
    • Dental and medical appointments should be made after school hours when possible.
    • Leaving school early may be unexcused unless there is an emergency or a note from a doctor or dentist is made available.
  3. Written notes from both sets of parents / guardians are required when students visit other students overnight or after school. These notes must include the bus number and address for bus transportation and must be signed by the administration.
  4. All students should have a place to be sent in case of emergency. An emergency phone number must be on file in case the parent / guardian cannot be reached.
  5. Students that walk home from school will only be allowed to exit from the 7th grade hallway doors.
  6. Students riding to / from school by car should be dropped off by the covered walkway on the side of the gym. NO STUDENT WILL BE PICKED UP OR DROPPED OFF IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL BUILDING. All students must be picked up in the afternoon at the same location.
  7. The building will be secured each day at 3:30 P.M. Students who stay after school should exit the building through the front door. This will ensure that no students are left unattended. No students should enter the building after 3:30 unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher.

When students become ill at school, individual attention will be given and parents will be notified. It is imperative that parents keep the school advised with current numbers for notification in an emergency. The safety and well-being of our students is a prime concern. Students are expected to use good judgment and to follow safety rules at all times. Horseplay, running, shoving, throwing objects, and other potentially dangerous activities cannot be allowed.

Students should cross the street ONLY at the crossing guard. All traffic safety rules will be followed. Students entering the building before 7:40 A.M. should enter only through the gym. Parents should pick up students by the covered walkway next to the gym. No cars will be allowed in the bus loading area (in the front of the school) between 2:45 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. No students are to walk to the high school in the afternoon. Students are not to leave school with anyone unless a note from the parent granting permission has been reviewed by administration. Bicycles are allowed on campus; however, skateboards are not. Students may not drive cars to school. All students of GMS are discouraged and instructed not to engage in door-to-door solicitations when involved in school board fund raisers.

Bus Transportation
Riding the bus is a privilege. Improper conduct on the bus will result in that privilege being denied. Students will not be allowed to get off the school bus except at their destination unless they have written permission from their parent / guardian explaining the reason for the change. If a student is going home with another student, a note including the bus number and address is needed from the parent(s) / guardian(s) of each student. All bus changes must be cleared by administration.

Car Riders Arrival
Parents are asked to enter from Parker Avenue to access the back of the building. Two lanes will be formed behind the school. Parents should have students completely ready to get out of the car when they pull up to the covered walkway next to the gym. Once stopped in the designated area, students will exit their vehicles and enter the building through the designated gym door located near the covered porch. For the safety of all students, no student should exit a car from within the parking lot unless an adult is addressing school business and is accompanying the student inside the building. In such cases, parents are asked to park their vehicles in the parking lot before entering the building. Parents will then pull forward and exit via Highway 41 S. Please do not block bus lanes!

Car Riders Departure
Parents are asked to enter from Parker Avenue to access the back of the building. Upon end of day dismissal, parents are not permitted to park in front of the school building or any school parking lot to pick up students. In an effort to keep all students safe, no student will be allowed to walk to a parked car to meet his or her parents. We are concerned with the safety of all our students and this presents a potentially hazardous situation. Again, two lanes will be formed upon entering the back of the building. Parents will be instructed on when to pull forward to pick up students by the covered walkway next to the gym. No student shall be picked up behind the school. Cars will be stopped for a short period to allow buses to travel toward the high school. Parents are also asked to not allow younger siblings to exit the vehicle while waiting to pick up car riders. Upon picking up the student(s), the cars will move forward and exit via Highway 41 S.
Car riders must be picked up by 3:15 p.m. Any child not picked up by
3:15 for the ……

  • 1st time- Parents will be telephoned.
  • 2nd time- Letter will be mailed to the parent.
  • 3rd time-Students will be considered neglected and the proper authorities may be notified.

From 2:40 -2:55, no car rider will be requested to come to the front office for dismissal. Students that need to avoid traffic delays for appointments must be picked up by 2:20.

All Guests are asked to PARK IN THE PARKING LOT ONLY. No cars are permitted to park in the designated area labeled a fire zone nor any location on campus that will interfere with car riders/bus riders.

Late Arrivals
At 7:55, all entrance doors will be locked except the main entrance. Students that arrive later than 7:55 a.m. must be accompanied by a parent into the front office to be signed in. Tardiness is an unnecessary interruption of class time and should be avoided.

Tennessee state law requires every parent, guardian or other person residing within this state having control of school age children to require such child/children to attend public or nonpublic school, and in the event of failure to do so, shall be subject to penalty.

Greenbrier Middle School is part of the Robertson County Board of Education and the Robertson County Juvenile Court Truancy/Court Review Program. This program is designed to work cooperatively to reduce truancy, tardies, early dismissals, and underachievement.

Regular attendance and arriving on time are essential to success in school. A student not only misses instruction and work on a day of absence but is not prepared for the next day.

  1. Students are to provide a written note to their teacher explaining the absence when returning to school. A telephone call in case of prolonged absence is requested (a written note must be sent to school when the student returns).
  2. Written notes should be presented to the administrator/designee by 7:55 on the day the student returns. The note will be kept on file in the office. A teacher will be available in the gym to write excused admit slips.
  3. Student will be issued an admittance slip verifying the absence as excused or unexcused. It is the responsibility of the student to show this to each teacher when he/she enters the class.
  4. Parents who wish to pick up textbooks may do so between 2:30 and 3:00 each day and may obtain information from teachers at that time.
  5. Parents will be provided with email addresses for their child’s teachers.
  6. Students who are absent from school may not return to school for a school function after dismissal.
  7. All students MUST arrive before 11:25 in order to be counted present.

(PLEASE NOTE: Even if you have phoned the school office, you must send in a note when your child returns to school. After TEN absences accumulate, a doctor’s note will be required in order for further absences to be excused. Students with excused absences will be permitted to complete make-up work. Students are given the number of days missed plus one to complete make-up work.)

The following reasons for absences, tardies, or early dismissals will be excused when verified by a note from the parent or guardian:

  1. Illness of student (after THREE consecutive days a note from the physician may be required).
  2. Death of a family member.
  3. Medical appointments for the student which cannot be scheduled outside school hours will be excused with a note of verification from the doctor’s office when the student returns.
  4. Religious holidays (TCA-49-3005).
  5. Court appearances that require the child’s presence.
  6. Up to THREE days for family vacations may be excused with prior approval from the Principal if attendance has not been a problem. However, parents are asked to consider planning vacations around scheduled breaks during the school year as instructional time is very valuable.

The following reasons for absences, tardies, or early dismissals (school work and tests missed for such reasons cannot be made up) will not be excused:

  1. Car trouble
  2. Cleaning the house
  3. Car rider line took too long or crossing guard not letting enough cars through
  4. Bad weather (school is not convened if weather conditions are serious)
  5. Business, personal business, things to tend to, or errands
  6. Repetitive excuses or excuses administration deems inexcusable

Parents/guardians of students that accrue FIVE unexcused attendance events will be notified by the school office. Students accumulating SEVEN unexcused attendance events will be required to meet with the School Attendance Committee to set up a plan of improvement. Students accumulating EIGHT unexcused attendance events will be referred to the Central Office. In addition, the parent(s)/guardian and student will be required to meet with the Truancy Hearing Authority.

Unless approved by the administration, students who are absent for a full or partial day will be prohibited from participating in after-hour, school related activities on that same day!
Truancy Law TCA 49-6-3001(c) (1)

If you are found guilty of violating the law, then you will be punished in accordance to the law. Violation of the Compulsory Attendance Law is a Class C misdemeanor, which means it can carry up to a maximum of 30 days in jail per child’s unlawful days absent and a $50 fine plus court cost per child’s unlawful days absent.

Tardies/Early Dismissals
Students should be in the classroom and ready to begin each morning by 7:55 and are dismissed each afternoon at 2:55pm. Students must be in the classroom by 7:55am to avoid being counted tardy. If a student is tardy, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian bringing the student to school to come into the office and sign the student in.

The following tardies/early dismissals will be excused:

  1. Student illness (regular illness may require doctor’s notes)
  2. Student medical appointments (doctor note required)
  3. Tardies occurring due to eating breakfast at school are excused only if that student is a bus rider that has arrived late.

The following tardies/early dismissals will be unexcused

  1. Overslept
  2. Car trouble/Missed bus, car rider line took too long
  3. Appointments for individuals other than the student.

Board Policy requires the number of unexcused tardies or unexcused early dismissals from school to contribute to the total number of unexcused school days which will be included in filing truancy. The accumulation of (8) unexcused tardies or unexcused dismissals from school will be equal to (1) one unexcused school day. Parents/guardians of students that have multiple tardies/early dismissals will be contacted to form a plan of improvement.

Before and/or after school time may be part of the plan of improvement for those students with numerous tardies. It is the goal of Greenbrier Middle School to provide the most comprehensive education possible. Please feel free to contact the school if you have further questions regarding the attendance policy. It is our desire to work with you to ensure success for your child/children.

Tardies to Class:
Three or more unexcused tardies to school or to an individual class will result in disciplinary action taken by the teacher. Continual tardies will result in Detention, In-School Suspension (ISS), or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS).

The Bobcat Buzz
Greenbrier Middle School sponsors a monthly newsletter to inform parents about school activities, rules, and other pertinent information.

Bus Information
Bus transportation is provided free of charge. The buses are operated by Robertson County Schools. Routes are established at the school system’s transportation department. If you have questions concerning bus routes, safety or concerns regarding drivers/attendants, please contact the transportation department at 384-4555. Buses will unload students and load students at the front entrance of the building. No vehicle should block the bus lanes either at the morning or afternoon loading/unloading times. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, orderly, and considerate manner both on the bus and at their bus stop. A handout specifying bus rules is provided to all students and requires parent/guardian and student signatures. Violations are reported in writing to the administration by the driver/attendant. First offenses usually result in a verbal warning with parent notification. Further offenses may result in bus suspensions, in-school suspension, or out of school suspension.

The first time a student needs to ride a different bus, ride to a different location, or any other circumstance different than the regular schedule, a note of permission from the parent/guardian must be sent to school. This note must be approved by the administration and notification made to the teacher. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS CHANGE OVER THE PHONE. A note is needed for documentation for the office file.

The note should contain the following information:

  1. Student name and address
  2. Parent name and phone number
  3. Destination for the student
  4. Bus number the student is requesting to ride
  5. Date the change will occur

We provide a clean, relaxed atmosphere in which our students can enjoy nutritious meals and visit with their classmates. Due to our federally funded lunch program, commercial foods (Subway, Sonic, etc.) should not be brought into the cafeteria. Students are asked not to bring soft drinks and students should not be sent to school with glass containers. No competitive foods may be sold at school. No competitive foods may be delivered to school for consumption by a student in the cafeteria. All ala-carte items must be paid for with cash. These items will not be purchased through the computer account.

The cafeteria uses computer accounting which tracks the number served and the activity in each student’s account. Breakfast/lunch money may be paid weekly or monthly. Breakfast is $1.00 per day, lunch is $2.50 and extra milk is $0.35.

Free/reduced price breakfasts and lunches are available for those who qualify. Applications are available in the school office.

If a student forgets his/her lunch money, he/she will be allowed two charges only. If a student needs to charge a third time, he/she may be requested to telephone parents. Should students accumulate an excessive number of charges an alternate lunch may be served. Report Cards will be held in the event of unpaid charges.

A student may obtain a charge ticket from a cafeteria monitor. The charge must be paid the next day, and no further charges can be made until the charge is paid unless the parent has made arrangements with the office. Some students repeatedly ask to charge lunches. This habit does not promote responsibility and dependability. We will contact the parents of students who do not use this privilege wisely. In the cafeteria, students are expected to use good manners and to leave the cafeteria clean. No food, straws, beverages, etc. may be taken from the cafeteria. Students may not leave the cafeteria during lunch time unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher. In order to keep the cafeteria clean and pleasant, the following rules will be observed by all students:

  • refrain from cutting line
  • have money ready to give cashier along with their computer number
  • sit in designated seat and stay seated until dismissal
  • put all food/trash in designated places
  • obtain all food, utensils, napkins, etc., on the first trip through the serving line.
  • respect cafeteria/school staff at all times.
  • food should be eaten or left on tray. Flipping/throwing food or bothering another student’s tray will not be tolerated.
  • talk quietly only to students sitting close

Any violation of these rules will result in the student finishing lunch in isolation.
Teachers help maintain order during lunch time. Parent encouragement of good behavior and manners is vital for a pleasant atmosphere for both students and adults.

Middle school is a time of transition from childhood to adolescence. We expect students to begin to exercise self-control and self-discipline and to need less school time for discipline and instruction in proper conduct. It is our intent to operate a safe, orderly, and productive educational program and to concentrate on instruction by providing consistency, direction, and support for both students and teachers. Our goal is to be firm, fair, and consistent in establishing and enforcing our policies.

Discipline at school can be effective only if there is a strong cooperative relationship between the home and the school. The school-wide behavior plan focuses on teaching, modeling and practicing positive behavior throughout the school. As a school, we want your child to feel safe and loved, and know they are in a caring environment. We also believe your child’s education is very important and we want to maximize the learning experience.

Administrators, teachers and staff will be teaching and modeling the behaviors we expect in the hall, bathroom, lunchroom, in assemblies, etc.

GMS has three main school-wide rules: School expectations are NOT limited to those listed below.

  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Respect
  • Kindness

The following behaviors are considered severe and will be managed by administration: weapons, fighting or aggressive physical contact, aggressive language/ bullying, threats, harassment of students or teacher, continuance of disobeying classroom and school rules, and vandalism.

Hallway and Restroom Behavior
Any time a student is in the hall during class time, it is his/her responsibility to have a hall pass. Hallways are monitored by cameras to ensure the safety and compliance of all students. Additionally, students are discouraged from leaving the classroom to go to the restroom unless it is an emergency.

Student Planners
Students will be issued a student planner paid for through their supply fee. If a student loses or damages his or her agenda, parents will be responsible for purchasing a second agenda. Classroom assignments, homework, and parent/teacher communications will be recorded in the student planner.

The purposes of the Student Planners are as follows:

  • To help the student develop organizational skills.
  • To provide a convenient means of daily communication between home and school.
  • To afford parents the opportunity to be involved in supporting the objectives of the school by giving necessary information that will allow them to help their children to be successful in school.
  • To provide data regarding student behavior patterns.

Students are expected to do the following:

  • Have the student planner with them every day.
  • Write down important information, such as homework assignments, and special events.
  • Treat the student planner as an official school document, in no way contributing to the loss, damage or alteration of the information recorded in it by either the teacher or parent. No pages are to be removed from the planner. Consequences will be given if this should occur.
  • Should the student planner be lost or destroyed the teacher must be notified.

Parents are expected to do the following:

  • Require the student to bring the student planner or communicator home each day.
  • Review the student planner each day with the student, discussing both homework assignments, and behavior concerns if any.
  • Ensure the student has an opportunity to complete the homework assignments given.
  • Sign the student planner daily if required by the teacher, to let the teacher know that you have seen the information the student has brought home.



  • After-school detention is one of the most effective disciplinary actions.
  • Detention helps students understand that they are responsible for their actions and their choices.
  • Detention may be assigned by any teacher for up to one hour per day.
  • Detention notices are to be signed by the parent and presented to the detention supervisor at the time the detention is served.

Detention will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3-4 pm. Parent pick-up at 4 pm is required.

Good Citizenship
Developing our students into citizens who are responsible, respectful, and safe must always be a primary focus for our students and staff. If a student chooses to conduct him or herself properly, everyone benefits. Developing habits of responsible citizenship enhance academic achievement.

The following items are not allowed at school: toys, cards, knives, fireworks, glass containers, beeping objects, videos, electronic games, and headsets. If brought to school, the object (s) will be taken up and returned at the end of the school year or given directly to the parent guardian of the student.

(These items are in addition to the Zero Tolerance items not allowed at school as stated in the Robertson County Student Handbook – please see the handbook for a list of all Zero Tolerance offenses). The only exception to the items on this list would be those cleared by a teacher for educational purposes.

Students are not allowed to buy, sell, or trade objects on the school bus or campus unless cleared through the office.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that is repetitive or has the potential to be repetitive, involves a real or perceived power imbalance, and is intentional. This behavior is different from simple conflict between students. Bullying is a behavior that will not be tolerated at GMS. If a student feels they are a victim of bullying or are aware of a bullying situation they should file a referral with the school counselor at (643-7823). Tori Sherer will be the chair of the Greenbrier Middle School Anti-Bullying program.

Lockers are provided for the convenience of students, but they remain the property of Greenbrier Middle School and are subject to search at any time. A student may use only the assigned locker and should not share a locker unless assigned to do so. Each student is responsible for keeping the locker clean on the inside and out and for any damages resulting from abuse. Any locker malfunction should be reported to the homeroom teacher immediately. Students are cautioned to keep their lockers locked at all times and not to keep money or valuables in their lockers. The school cannot be responsible for property taken from a locker. Book bags/backpacks and large oversized jackets should be kept in lockers during the school day.

Our school building, equipment, and textbooks cost the taxpayers a great deal, and replacement is difficult. Students who deface or destroy school property will be required to pay for the loss or damage. If students willfully destroy school property, disciplinary action will be taken and students will be required to repair and/or replace the damaged item. Accidents do happen and if something is accidentally damaged, it should be reported to a teacher immediately. Failure to report an accident may be considered deliberate vandalism. Students should do their part to maintain a clean and orderly environment. Students are expected to leave classrooms and restrooms clean and to use trash receptacles inside and outside the building.

Telephones/Cell Phones
School phones will be used for emergencies only, due to illness or unavoidable situations. Transportation arrangements for individual students should be worked out between child and parent prior to the start of the school day. Making arrangements for after-school social affairs is not considered an acceptable reason to use the phone. Calls will not be made for forgotten items, for extracurricular activities, or for permission to attend after-school events.

School Board Policy currently states that 6th, 7th, and 8th graders may have cell phones with them during the school day. The cell phones may not be turned on or visible during the school day, on school busses, or while busses are waiting to depart the campus. Cell phones are the responsibility of the student and the school is not liable for their loss or destruction.

Administration may authorize the use of cell phones in the event of an emergency or other serious situation.

Any 6th, 7th and 8th grade student not following this policy will receive the following consequences:

  1. The first confiscation will result in the phone being held for three school days but can be returned sooner for a $15 fine.
  2. The second confiscation of the cell phone will result in the phone being held for 5 school days or a $20 fine.
  3. The third confiscation of a cell phone will result in the phone being held for remainder of the current grading period or 10 school days, whichever is longer, or a $30 fine.
  4. A fourth confiscation of a cell phone will result in the phone being held until the end of the school year or a $40 fine.

All fines collected from the violation of this policy will be deposited into a special school technology fund and be used to assist the school in meeting technology goals of the school.

Confiscated Property
Personal items, including but not limited to cell phones, radios, CD players, IPODS, MP3 Players, yo-yos, spray cans, hair spray, and noise makers, should never be brought to school and will be confiscated. These items will be tagged, and a claim ticket will be given to the student. The item will be placed in the school vault where it may be claimed by the parent at any time or by the student on the last day of school. The claim ticket should be presented in order to reclaim the item. Any item that is confiscated a second time will not be returned until the last day of school. Exception: Cell phones – see the above policy.

Dress Code
Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat, and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school. The Robertson County Dress Code can be found in the county handbook. More specific guidelines for GMS are:

  • No head covers, except yarmulkes, Muslim scarves
  • Appropriate length of shorts and skirts (at least one (1) inch below the fingertips of the student when arms are fully extended)
  • No tube, tank, see-through tops
  • Students are prohibited from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent manner that disrupts the learning environment. This includes form fitting or body conforming clothes.
  • No tops with revealing necklines
  • Shirts, when hands raised above head, must not reveal the stomach or lower back.
  • No sagging pants. Pants should be belted at the waist (please provide belts).
  • No clothing containing advertising for alcohol/tobacco, suggestive advertising, or offensive language
  • No unnatural hair color, only conventional hair coloring will be permitted
  • No facial piercing, earrings only
  • No gang related clothing
  • Outer clothing which resembles lounge wear, pajamas, or underwear is prohibited.
  • No pants or shorts with writing or logos across the backside are allowed.
  • Leggings are permissible as long as they are worn with shirts, shorts, or skirts of appropriate length.
  • Oversized shirts will have to be tucked in.
  • Sleeveless shirts are permissible if the sleeve opening is not excessively large or revealing.
  • No spikes, chains or other items that cause a safety concern
  • No tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, bare midriffs, mesh shirts, wrestling shirts, biker pants, yoga pants, pants with holes or pants that do not fit at the waist (please provide belts).
  • No caps, hats, bandana head bands or sunglasses (unless there is a medical need that is verified by a doctor) worn inside the building.
  • Footwear should be appropriate to ensure safety. Flip flops or sandals without a back strap may be worn inside the building, but must be replaced with tennis shoes for recess, PE, or any other type of class requiring physical activity. Students, who do not have proper footwear for these activities, may be required to sit out the entire class.

Parents are asked to please help the school screen attire and to counsel students on appropriate school attire.

Students who come to school improperly attired will be given the opportunity to:

  1. change into appropriate clothes
  2. call parents to bring clothes
  3. stay in isolation for the day
  4. multiple violations will result in suspension

Students who leave school to change into appropriate attire will be given an unexcused absence for the time missed.

Students are expected to exhibit good hygiene and appropriate dress. If the administration determines a change of clothing is needed, students will be asked to call home.

Grades and Report Cards
Greenbrier Middle School uses PowerSchool which is a website that parents can use to access their student’s grades. Report cards should be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher within three days. All communications about grades should be made directly with the teacher of the subject or with the homeroom teacher. At the end of this booklet are the current reporting days for the 2013-2014 school year. Progress Reports will be sent home four and one-half weeks into the 9 week grading period. Teachers require that Progress Reports be signed and returned to individual teachers. If a parent would like to meet with any or all of their child’s teachers, contact the main office, and a parent/teacher conference will be set up at the most convenient time.

GMS uses the grading scale established by the Robertson County Board of Education:
A 93-100
B 85-92
C 75-84
D 70-74
F below 70

To be included on the A honor roll, a student must have no grade lower than an A. To be included on the A/B honor roll, a student must have no grade lower than a B.
Report cards will be held for outstanding debts to the school (fundraiser, library books, lunch charges, etc.)

Students will normally progress annually in sequential order from grade to grade. The professional staff will place students at the grade level best suited to them academically, socially, and emotionally. Retentions may be made when, in the judgment of the teacher, such retentions are in the best interest of the students. Decisions to retain are subject to review and approval of the principal after consultation with the teacher.

Any student that steps on to a playing field is representing Greenbrier Middle School. It is a privilege to play on any GMS team. It will be required of these students to have good grades, good behavior, good citizenship, and good moral character. Any student that violates the items listed above will be removed from all sports teams.

School insurance is available to all students, but it is optional. A form is available on the first day of classes. Students may obtain insurance at any time during the year. All students who participate in any athletic competition, including cheerleading, must show evidence of insurance coverage.

Textbooks/Library Books/Agendas
Parents / guardians shall accept full responsibility for the proper care, preservation, return, or replacement of textbooks, library books, and student agendas issued to their children. If a book has been issued to students is unduly abused, mutilated, lost, or destroyed, it must be paid for before issuing another one.

Visiting the School
While we welcome parents in the building, the primary job of the teacher is to ensure student learning. The teacher cannot be effective if interrupted during class time. If a conference with a teacher is needed, please send a note or call the office ahead of time. Visits with the teacher should be scheduled and cleared through the office.

Parents are asked not to go to the classroom before school except in approved emergency cases. Teachers need early mornings to prepare students for the day.

All parents and visitors must report to the office before going into other areas of the building. All parents and visitors must sign in and receive a pass which is to be visible while in the building.

Due to the difficulty in making sure every child receives an intended delivery on special occasions, along with the problems that may arise during transportation of flowers, balloons, glass containers and similar items, the administration respectfully asks that all such deliveries be kept to a minimum. Balloons and glass containers are not allowed on school buses.

Withdrawals/Telephone and Address Changes
Please notify the school immediately if there is a change in your address, telephone number, person to contact in an emergency, or person(s) allowed to pick up your child.
Parents should notify the school prior to a student’s withdrawal. When all textbooks, library books, materials, and charges have been cleared, records will be forwarded to the new school.

Field Trips
In order for a student to go on a school-sponsored field trip, a permission slip must be signed and returned to school. All students will be required to ride the bus with the class to their destination. No student will be allowed to ride with parents in private vehicles to the destination. Students may leave the trip with a parent only and must sign out with the child’s teacher. Usually two chaperones per class or one per ten children are needed for most trips. Chaperones for these trips assume a great responsibility supervising students.

The full attention of adults in attendance is needed to ensure the safety of the students. For this reason, we require that younger children, or children not assigned to the class, not be taken on field trips.

The counselor at GMS is available to help students in many ways. When a student wishes to see the counselor, he/she should go to the guidance office to arrange an appointment. Sometimes a teacher may suggest that the counselor talk with a student. There may be a time during the school day when a counselor will give a student an appointment time. If the appointment should occur during class time, the student should leave the class, upon the teacher’s approval and return as soon as the conference is completed.

No teacher shall dispense medication to a student, except when acting as the principal’s designee or unless the child’s health is dependent upon emergency medical aid. If, under exceptional circumstances, a child is required to take oral medication during the school day and the parent cannot be at school to administer the medication, only the school nurse or the principal’s designee will administer the medication in compliance with written instructions signed by a parent and doctor supplied on the required form. All medication must be brought to school by the parent in the original container. Over-the-counter medication will not be administered without parent permission. Over-the-counter medication sent to school must be supplied in a newly packaged, unopened container. Students are not allowed to bring medications to and from school.

Physical Education
Physical education is a required subject in Tennessee; therefore, every student is expected to participate. If your child has any condition such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc. that would limit physical activity, a note should be sent from a doctor. Except those who are medically excused, short-term excuses (limited) may be written by parents/guardians. Tennis shoes are required.

Inclement weather sometimes causes delayed school openings, early dismissals, or closings. Parents are advised to monitor local media for information pertaining to weather related school closings. Black Board connect is one method the county will use to communicate weather related closings. Please have an after-school, early dismissal plan in place for your child.

Blackboard Connect Message System
In an effort to improve communication, a telephone broadcast system has been instituted. This system may be used by school personnel to contact parents and guardians when students are absent from school and when general announcements and/or reminders need to be communicated. Student Data Forms will request the ONE number you want the system to call. This is the same number that will be used by the Central Office Staff at the Robertson County Board of Education to call parents and guardians in the event of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation, or late start. In the event of a crisis, Central Office Staff will make the decision of when a Blackboard Connect message will be sent out to parents after consultation with appropriate authorities.

We are excited about this system and appreciate the sponsorship made possible through Community Bank and Trust and NorthCrest Medical Center. Detailed information can be found at Go to the Blackboard Connect link.

Clubs and Organizations
Extra-curricular activities, including sports, service clubs, and special interest clubs are offered as enrichment and reinforcement of traditional curricular activities. Membership and participation in these groups is considered a privilege and is dependent upon student conduct, and in some cases, achievement. Clubs and/or organizations currently offered to students of Greenbrier Middle School are:

  • Student Council
  • BETA
  • 4-H
  • Science Club
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Book Club
  • Band
  • Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Cheerleading
  • Chorus/Show Choir

Please see club sponsor(s)/coaches for the fees associated with each of these activities.